Professional customs solutions for you and for

your boat

Delivery of machinery/spare parts and provisions within the scope of transit or export
Delivery of foreign-flagged boats/yachts to the authorized person on the scheduled day at the port where the cargo subject to customs is bound.
Yacht/Ship Transfer
Bonded-duty-free transport operations, monitoring of operational processes with our expert logistics partner
Transition to the Turkish flag
Published in the Official Gazette dated March 3, 2017, and numbered 29996; Within the scope of the Communiqué on the Transition of Boats Located Abroad or Raising a Foreign Flag to the Turkish Flag; finalization of the customs import processes required for foreign-flagged yachts, quotas, boats, passenger/excursion ships that have a document showing that they were acquired before 27.01.2017 and are in the records of the country whose flag they are raising.
Foreign flag operations
Annual renewal and cancellation of the boat registration certificate
Tax-free fuel delivery to yachts and boats
Supply of fuel to be used by Turkish or foreign-flagged boats for use abroad at the desired location and time and rapid operation management
Preparation of Boat Insurance policies
Expert Customs Brokerage services; Completion of import-export transactions in all sectors
Survey/Survey Services
Customs consultancy services


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